LeDap Bistro

Weekdays Lunch 11.00-14.00 | Bistro: 16.00-20.30

Weekend: Brunch: kl 11-16.00 lör & sön | Bistro . l Lördag kväll 17-20.30. Söndag stängt

Breakfast, lunch and dinner - enjoy well-cooked food from our incredible kitchen

LeDap Bistro is located in the heart of the arena and is the natural meeting point where you as a visitor can eat, drink and socialize. The restaurant also has a large bar where you can enjoy your cappucino in the morning or why not a cocktail in the evening. In connection with booking courts and playing time, you can order breakfast / lunch packages. For larger events or corporate activities, it is also possible to rent the entire restaurant.

Hope to see you soon!

Lunchmeny V47


Ugnsbakad lax med varm rotfruktssallad och ruccola kräm


”Bangers and mash” stekt hjortchorizokorv med potatispuré bräserad lök och saltgurka  


Rimmad torsk med gräddkokt spenat och kokt potatis

Kycklingfilé med grillad broccoli rostad potatis och citrus kräm


Fiskpanna med räkor, fänkål  örtkräm och ris

Grekiska lammfärsbiffar med tzatziki och rostad potatis


Lax med dillkräm, kokt potatis och picklade morötter

Biffwok med ris 

Vegetarian of the week

Varma betor med fetasostkräm och picklade rotfrukter. Toppad med rostade pumpafrön 


Serveras kl. 17-20.30 måndag till fredag (sista beställning 20.15)


Charktallrik 95:- Blandad chark och ost

Svampsoppa 75:- Toppad med parmachips och örtolja

Main course

Caesarsallad med räkor/kyckling 149:-Romansallad, rödlök, sockerärtor, krutonger, parmigiano-reggiano

Högrevsburgare /Vegoburgare med eller utan pommesfrites150:-/175:-Jalapenomajonnäs, tomat, sallad, cheddarost, picklad rödlök, bacon och barbecuesås

Kvällens husman 129:-
(Gäller så långt det räcker, fråga oss)


Varm äppelpaj med kanel 90:-Serveras med hemgjord vaniljsås

Osttallrik 95:-Serveras med salta kex

Pannkaka halv (3st) elller (5st) 70:-/90:- Vispgrädde, hallonsylt

Event menues

Possibility to swap dishes between the below set menues available


Peruvian cod ceviche topped with roasted corn and cilantro

Carved flank steak with roasted seasonal vegetables and a home made chimmichurri

Chocolate mousse with grilled pineapple, fresh passion fruit & roasted coconut


Beef tartar with herb oli and crispy fried shallot

Baked cod with dill infused oil and baked, seasonal vegetables

Yoghurt pannacotta served with rhubarb chutney and candied pistachios


Broiled scallop served with avocado mousse, crispy panko & sesame pickled cucumber

Roasted chicken fillet served with cirpspy fried bacon and a dijon sauce

Strawberry carpaccio with fresh mint, lime, roasted almond and mojito sorbet

Jimmy Nordin, headchef at LeDap Stockholm.

What can we as guests expect in regards to flavors and food in the Bistro?
International flavors with local ingredients – a lot of taste to each and every bite. By using local ingredients with influences from the world, you get the best out of each product.

Dishes, flavors and ingredients - where does your inspiration come from?
I get my inspiration from my Peruvian background in combination with everyday life, social media, restaurant visits, my son, nature and of course through traveling where I find ideas from around the world.

How much padel are you playing when you are not cooking?
I will play as much as I can and also use the gym when I'm not working. Hope the colleagues are ready for a chef on the court!
när jag inte jobbar. Hoppas kollegorna är redo för en kock på banan!

What's always in your fridge?
Real butter, cream, garlic, chili and the Peruvian spice paste Aji Amarillo.

Last words and greetings to our guests?
I want to create a warm family feeling in the restaurant that is welcoming. I think that makes guests want to come back. The goal is to create a place for socializing in a nice place with family and friends where both the elite padel player and the locals want to eat, drink and socialize. Maybe we can also attract more people to start playing padel.