Semester training, Clinics and private training

We have some of the country's best coaches with long experience. In addition, we follow Dani Dio's training program and receive continuous training and development from our already competent coaches. The best form of individual development is through long-term coaching. We offer everything from semester courses, 8-week courses, 4-week courses, private training and clinics with focus on specific details.

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Junior & Youth

We want to create the padel players of the future!

We have junior & youth training with children from 6 years. Our coaches all have extensive experience of leading and developing children of all ages. For the very young, the focus is first and foremost on coordination, time on the court having a good time. Of course, we also offer training for competitive players who want to develop their game and certain skills.

Everyone is welcome – regardless of age and level.


With us, we have series games for Men, Women & Mix. The league game is played on Mondays and Tuesdays between 17-22. A semester consists of 14 rounds. In addition to exciting matches here at LeDap Stockholm, you who are part of the league also get a free invitation to various games and activities.

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Fun and cool activities

With our 16 courts and excellent restaurant, we have the opportunity to offer lots of activities such as breakfast padel, lunch paddle, americanos, ladies nights, gentlemen's nights and much more. We strive to be the arena where padel enables socializing, new acquaintances and exciting networks.


PadelBody - optimerad padelfys

Padelbody är en träningsfilosofi skräddarsydd för att du ska kunna spela padel bättre, oftare och utan att det gör ont. De högintensiva passen maximerar din puls samtidigt som dina viktigaste och starkaste muskler rekryteras till 100%. Allt för att förbättra ditt spel och minska skaderisken.

PadelBodys gruppträningspass bokas i Matchi-appen men betalas på plats.

Tisdagar: 18.00 och Torsdagar 18.00

Bokningsbara platser: 12-16

PadelBody pass: 200 SEK
PadelBody klippkort (10): 1750 SEK

PadelBody personlig tränare (Screening och personliga program): 1995 SEK/h