Ready. Set. Go.


Here you get a total of 7350 square meters of padel inside. 450 sqm coworking, a 340 sqm restaurant, gym and 100 parking spaces. You also get beautiful Norrvikens running tracks and bathing spots just around the corner. We work from the idea that padel becomes even more fun once it is easier to combine with work and everyday chores. That is why, in addition to playing padel, you can also work, hold meetings, eat and network at LeDap Stockholm.


Planeras företagets julbord? Välkommen till julen här på LeDap Stockholm

Hos oss kan du och företaget spela padel, äta julmiddag och njuta av en god cocktail i baren. Mingel och tal från chefen? Ni kan också låna konferensrum så nytta förenas med nöje.

Here, the sport exists in harmony with your everyday life.

We have almost endless possibilities for you who want to play on world-class courts but also need to work, hold meetings, squeeze in the gym session and in between eat something tasty and healthy. The idea is simple - a destination where you can combine padel with work and to do’s with pleasure. In addition, the arena is strategically located between Stockholm and Arlanda Airport.

16 indoor courses


Gym, shower and sauna

Restaurant and bar for all meals of the day

Padel shop

100 parking spaces


Running tracks and beaches around the corner

9-11m in ceiling height

2000 square meters of padel

For you who want to play on world-class courts in large free airy areas. Here at LeDap Stockholm, it never gets too crowded - on the contrary, you as a player and visitor have access to dynamic courts with high ceilings. Our 16 indoor and 6 outdoor courts are created to hold major international competitions and tournaments. One sport that beats them all ¬– One spot that beats them all.


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Reload, reflect and get kitted for the next game

In our lovely lounge area you can hang out and relax with a hot cup of coffee or tasty bite from the restaurant. Our shop is stacked with everything you need – padel rackets, shoes, balls and the right functional clothes for the court. Looking for something special? Talk to the staff and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Improve your strength and conditioning for the court!

Our gym is equipped to meet what you need for further development on the court – strength, speed and overall fitness. LeDap Stockholms gym is also located in the middle of the hall adjacent to our courts. The equipment is carefully selected to benefit your development as a player.





Sollentunaholmsvägen 13
192 78 Rotebro


Niklas Sävström


All courts can be booked between:
Monday – Sunday
6:00 – 23:00